Internetowe skróty

Uczniowie często proszą mnie o przygotowanie listy internetowych skrótów, które mogliby później wykorzystywać podczas rozmów z kolegami. Pomyślałam więc, że umieszczę wybrane  przykłady na moim blogu.  Oto one:

2nite- tonight

2moro- tomorrow

u r- you are

2L8- too late

F2F- face too face

AFAIK- as far as I know

WGO -what’s going on?

ATB- all the best

BB- bye bye

4ever- forever

DIKU- do I know you?

DUCT- did you see that?

ILU- I love you

QT- cute

4U- for you

ASAP- as soon as possible

YW- you’re welcome

MORF- male or female?

WKND- weekend

W4U- waiting for you

GG- good game

xlnt- excellent

FAQ- frequently asked questions

TIA- thanks in advance

Y- why

U- you

LvL- level

sec- second

TY- thank you

ATM- at the moment

b4- before

bf- boyfriend

gf- girlfriend

cu- see you

cul- see you later

d8- date

gr8- great

rotfl- rolling on the floor laughing

h8- hate

lol- lauging out loud

msg- message

jk- just kidding

idk- I don’t know

nw- no way

omg- oh my God

pls- please

prt- party

w8- wait

thx- thanks

xoxo- hugs and kisses

sry- sorry